Xetra-Gold, an ETC (exchange-traded commodity) backed 100 per cent by physical gold, is issued by Deutsche Börse Commodities GmbH since the end of 2007.

Deutsche Börse Commodities GmbH (hereinafter DBCo) is aware of its corporate responsibility in terms of social and ecological factors and thus firmly committed to the principles of sustainability. It has defined environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets as key areas for action. Since 2020, it has been regularly submitting a declaration of conformity in accordance with the 20 criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) for publication in the DNK database. Transparent communication is particularly important to DBCo, as is engaging in an open exchange with all stakeholders. Based on the defined key issues for active involvement, DBCo is seizing the opportunity to contribute to ESG issues, thus setting an example within the industry.


DNK Statement Deutsche Börse Commodities 2022 (available in German only)

DNK Statement Deutsche Börse Commodities 2020 (available in German only)



Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Efforts to counteract it require the cooperation of all companies, government agencies and private individuals worldwide. DBCo wants to do its part in protecting our environment and the natural world.

More information and insights into DBCo’s environmental efforts are available here.


DBCo is aware of its social responsibility. Among its commitments is a statement on modern slavery and human trafficking. On a local level, it has been involved with the non-profit foundation Die Arche to counteract the material and emotional repercussions of childhood poverty.

More information and insights into the social engagement of DBCo are available here.


With its product Xetra-Gold®, DBCo stands for reliability and integrity when it comes to investing in gold. Customer confidence and the highest security standards in the physical gold under custody are its top priorities.

More information and insights into the corporate governance of DBCo are available here.


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