With its product Xetra-Gold®, DBCo stands for reliability and integrity when it comes to investing in gold. Customer confidence and the highest security standards in the physical gold under custody are its top priority.

To the best of its ability, DBCo applies its lobbying influence on the LBMA to ensure comprehensive establishment of all ESG criteria within the gold market and increasing adherence to them. 

With these efforts, DBCo expresses its commitment to regular communication with representatives of its partner Umicore, aiming to raise the LBMA Good Delivery standards. The recognised quality standard for gold bullions is an important concern for Deutsche Börse Commodities as a central factor in the recognised legitimacy of gold as a commodity. The LBMA assesses the quality of the precious metal, its ethical trading and responsible sourcing. For more information on the LBMA Good Delivery standards, please visit the LBMA website.  

DBCo lives by its Code of Business Conduct

DBCo is committed to adhering to an internal code of conduct. Amongst others, it requires all business activities and interactions to be honest, sincere, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Competitive practices, client relations and the handling of sensitive information are sub-areas of the CoC and lay the groundwork for DBCo’s sustainable business operations.


Code of Conduct (available in German only)

Vision Statement (available in German only)

Code of Conduct for Suppliers of DBCo

In its dealings with suppliers, DBCo expects fairness and cooperation, as well as compliance with all applicable legal requirements. All suppliers and service providers formally recognise the adopted code of conduct spanning economic sustainability, environmental protection, and social and ethical responsibility. Amongst other things, DBCo partners are thus committed to applying environmentally optimised procedures and to fostering equal opportunities for employees.

Download: Code of Conduct for suppliers (available in German only)

DBCo stands for maximum transparency across the entire supply chain.

For security reasons, detailed information on the transport process cannot be disclosed. As a partner of DBCo, Umicore complies with the highest security and environmental standards within the entire supply chain. 
Information on the current gold holdings and a list of the gold bars held in custody by Clearstream Banking AG on behalf of DBCo are available here


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